If you were to contact current Lincoln Prep Head Coach Antonio Hudson to talk about his current team he would tell you that everyone is special. And that is true because Lincoln Prep plays some basketball. What you might not expect is for him to mention is a sophomore guard that floats between 5’11 and 6’0 that plays like he is 6’11. That sophomore is Chanse Robinson.   “The first time I saw Chanse, I saw a tough athlete with unlimited potential. He is one of the hardest playing players that I have ever seen. I knew with some tweaking of his skills and him learning how to play the game he would be something special.” -Coach Hudson             Robinson started raising eyebrows with his aggressive nature to get to the basket for a layup or a dunk all last year during his freshman campaign. Robinson finished the season averaging 17 points and 10 rebounds a game. His performance was good enough to get the attention of one of the top AAU programs in the state.  He excelled at AAU and it helped propel him to some top rankings in the state and country. Colleges are looking and one has already offered before the start of his sophomore year.  Robinson hasn’t taken anything for granted since being considered “The Man” of this year’s Lincoln Prep basketball team. “I got off to a good start but we are still trying to figure some things out and get everyone on the same page” Robinson stated. “We got off to slow start early in the season but it is my responsibility as the point guard and leader to get everyone involved and making plays. We have got to grind every day and keep pushing.” Robinson, 16, knew with the departure of some key seniors from last year’s semi-final team that he would have to grow up pretty fast on the court. “I knew going into the off-season after my freshmen year that teams were going to be focused on stopping me. So I prepared myself and that is how I train” Robinson stated. And it shows because through 17 games Robinson’s stat line looks something like this… 26 points, 12.5 rebounds, 4 assists, 4 steals and 1 block a game. His season high is 40 points as well as having 4-30+ point games already this season. “His skill set has come a long way. He has always been able to penetrate and finish around the rim but if you got a chance to watch us play this year, he is shooting better and making plays. He still has a long way to go but he puts in the time to get better every day.” -Coach Hudson on Robinson’s performance so far this season.              “Coach Hudson pushes me every day in practice to be the best which mentally makes the games easy to me most of time. It really gets me going. The things he tells me it works I just try to do my part.” Robinson stated. Robinson does not plan on stopping his quest to lead his team to a district title and another Great 48 appearance. If you have not had a chance to see the kid play in person you need to check him out.  When asked if he thinks Robinson will be one of the greats to come through Grambling, Coach Hudson had this to say, “Yes I do think he will be one of the greats when it is all said and done. At least he has the potential to be. If he continues to work like he does and strive for greatness, I don’t see why he wouldn’t be.”  We over at Grambition wish the best for Chanse Robinson and the Lincoln Prep Panthers we will continue to support and cheer them on every game. #GRAMbition  


Grambition was able to catch up with Grambling State senior running back Martez Carter and find out what are some of his expectations for the upcoming season and some other things. Being one of the faces of Grambling football, on the field he is known as “Mr. Excitement” and “The 4 Show”. Carter is also known for the famous slogan that we all use which is “Why Not Grambling?” Carter looks to capitalize and improve on last season where he finished with 891 yards rushing to go along with 10 touchdowns and 376 receiving yards and 3 touchdowns. All together he produced 1,710 All-purpose yards. Grambition wishes much success to Mr. Carter this upcoming season. #GRAMbition 


Grambition was able to catch up with NBA and Grambling Legends Hall of Famer Willis Reed and chop it up with him as he talked about his days at Grambling. Check out the interview and find out why twenty-six cents held him down during college, why he chose Grambling, what Fred Hobdy meant to him, the influence Collie J. Nicholson had on exposing the world to Grambling, and much more. #GRAMbition


  What a night to remember! The Panthers welcomed North Central to that Zoo(The Lyons Den)! It was so loud, live and electric in there! It was like the ghost of Grambling Lab was felt in that place! The Panthers won this game 79-68 to return to the Top 28 for the first time since 2011. The Big 3 led the Panthers to victory. Tylan Dean led all scorers with 23 points, Kae Williams followed with 22 and Chanse Robinson had 18 points. #GRAMbition #FlashbackFriday


If you were in Grambling from 1997-2001, it’s a pretty good chance you got to witness former Grambling Lab star Antonio Hudson. Hudson wreak havoc on opposing teams. He earned All-State honors, Player of the Year and many more accolades during his time there.  Ultimately, Hudson went on to play for Louisiana State University after averaging a triple-double his Senior year. He averaged 30 pts, 12 reb, 10 ast.  Hudson put up monster numbers during his time at the Lab. Hudson was blessed to be able to play under Hall of Fame Coach Michael Lyons. Archived Footage of Hudson playing at Grambling Lab has seemed to surface and Grambition has the exclusive highlights right here. Feeling a little nostalgic? Take a trip down memory lane and enjoy the footage below.  #GRAMbition


When you talk about Grambling football, they should really call us Wide Receiver U. Year after year we always have some of the best skilled players at the wide receiver position. This year is no exception. All year we have talked about or you have heard about Chad Williams. But when you mention this season you cannot leave out Senior Verlan Hunter. Hunter is a pretty nice sized receiver at 6’2, 2oo lbs with some of the best hands any receiver could have. Hunter was most known for his spectacular catches and doing a good job of getting separation between him and defensive backs who tried it. Hunter wasn’t draft on draft day but received a call from the Washington Redskins and has now signed as an undrafted free agent. Well if you know like most of the G knows he is a sleeper and we believe he will make a name in the NFL to go along with his most recent teammates Chad Williams and Chester Rogers who both will be playing for the Arizona Cardinals and Indianapolis Colts respectively next season. Hunter finished the season with 51 receptions for 572 yards and seven touchdowns and amassed 118 receptions for 1,631 yards and 24 touchdowns to end his career at the G. VH2 we have seen what you can do and we know you will hit the league running because you have #GRAMbition. Go get it done.    


When you mention Lincoln Prep ladies basketball you have to mention Senior Amber “Tootie” Collinsworth. Her name has to be mention with Tylan Dean, Kae Williams, Davauhnte Turner, etc.. Tootie has been playing varsity basketball since 6th grade. Today she made her college decision(see below). Tootie will leave Grambling Lab/Lincoln Prep as an All-State, Louisiana All-Star, All-Area, All-Northeast, All-District selection. She finished her high school career with over 1,600 points and 1,500 rebounds. She has been a walking double-double since at least 8th grade. AMBER “TOOTIE” COLLINSWORTH   College of Choice: Louisiana College Coach: Patrece Carter Scholarship: Awards Planned Position: Forward/Center 1. How does it feel getting a full ride to college? I am so blessed to have this opportunity and I really want to thank God, because he made all of this come to pass and for that I am most grateful. So yes, it feels amazing to have a full ride to college. 2. What attracted you to the school you chose and what are your expectations with joining the program? The humble spirit I saw in everyone there just welcomed me in so much and I just knew that this was the choice for me. I expect hard work, and a program that’s going to push me to be as successful as the next person.  3. Do you think you will transition from high school to college with ease? Why or Why not? Yes, I think I will transition quite well from high school to college, not only in basketball but in my lesson as well. 4. You have played varsity basketball since 6th Grade. What will you miss about leaving high school basketball? Well, high school ball was more like home to me and I will truly miss that, but I think I’ve found that same home spirit in Louisiana College and I really look forward to this journey in my life.  


Grambling has always been known to send players to the NFL. Whether drafted or undrafted they get there. Well Senior wide receiver Chad Williams has officially joined an elite list of players to get drafted. With the 98th pick in the 2017 NFL Draft, the Arizona Cardinals selected Williams. The pick is Grambling’s first selection since Jason Hatcher went 92nd in 2006. Williams finished this season with 90 receptions for 1,337 yards and 11 touchdowns. He ended his career at Grambling with 210 receptions for 3,062 yards and 28 touchdowns.   Welcome home, Mr. Williams!@go_10_ is now a member of your #AZCardinals! READ: — Arizona Cardinals (@AZCardinals) April 29, 2017   Congrats to our very own Chad Williams for being drafted by the @AZCardinals in the 3rd round of the 2017 @NFL Draft!!! #GramFam — GSU Athletics (@GSU_TIGERS) April 29, 2017 .@MikeLeach82 with the announcement. @go_10_ with the new home. #CardsDraft — Arizona Cardinals (@AZCardinals) April 29, 2017 😎 @go_10_ 😎 — Arizona Cardinals (@AZCardinals) April 29, 2017


Well we all knew it would not be long. We were all just wondering where? Lincoln Prep Seniors Tylan Dean and Kaedrick Williams have both decided where they will be taking there  skills next year. The two both had productive high school careers for Lincoln Prep/Grambling Lab. Dean was the team’s leading scorer for 3 of 4 years and scored over 2,000 points. Williams wasn’t far behind finishing with over 1,600 points and 1,200 rebounds. Both helped lead Lincoln Prep to 30 wins and a Great 48 appearance. TYLAN DEAN College of choice: Panola College Coach: Grant McMillan   Scholarship: Full Ride Planned Position: Point Guard 1. How does it feel getting a full ride to college? It’s an incredible feeling, I’m telling you & it’s a blessing just to be able to say oh yeah I’m going to college with everything paid for, EVERYTHING. I’m just blessed to be in this position. 2. What attracted you to the school you chose?  It was the coaches. They mapped out how everything would be. They addressed the role I would be playing. They told me that I would be taken care of, they always kept their eyes on me and never gave up on me. Most importantly it was the number of players they have sent D1 since they have been coaching there. The program has been on a steady incline. I’m a winner and winners like to be around other winners. 3. Why did you feel JUCO was the move for you right now? Because I feel like it’s still things I need to work on. I’m not saying that I can’t play at the D1 level right now, I just wouldn’t put myself in that position at the moment knowing what I can & can not do. My time will come! 4. How do feel for the first time ever not playing alongside Kae? I mean, it’s not something I wanted to happen but hey. I know for a fact he will be straight wherever he is, whether we are together or apart and that’s a fact! That’s my brother man and trust me, I would’ve loved for us to play together but that time finally came where we have to separate but we’ll never separate in heart. I know he’s a call away and he knows I’m a call away, fact. KAEDRICK WILLIAMS College of Choice: Baton Rouge Community College Coach: Eric Wilson Scholarship: Full Ride Planned Position: 2 Guard 1. How does it feel getting a full ride to college? Getting a full ride scholarship has always been my dream because it gives me a chance to go to school for free and get an education and that’s what it has always been about! 2. What attracted you to the school you chose? I chose BRCC because it has a home feeling and the atmosphere felt great. I don’t feel out of place there. 3. Why did you feel JUCO was the move for you right now? I feel JUCO is important for me right now because I think it’ll give me the upper hand for when I go D1 versus if I would’ve gone D1 this year. I may have had to redshirt to put on weight so I think I made the right decision and I’m comfortable with it! 4. How do you feel for the first time ever not playing alongside Tylan? I’m pretty sure it’s going to feel like a huge part of my game is missing. But as I get to know my teammates more it will help me adjust with no problems I’m sure. Dean know I’m one state and a phone call away. #GRAMbition