Anthony T. Mitchell, also known as Blakcard ATM was born in Shreveport, Louisiana on October 10, 1984 to become an entertainer, motivational speaker, and most importantly an entrepreneur. Blakcard ATM and his family moved to his mother’s hometown of Grambling, La. at the age of 7. At Alma J. Brown Elementary, Blakcard was introduced to music in the first grade, and from there he has loved music and entertainment ever since. Blakcard attended Grambling school from 1st grade though out college. Performing and speaking in front of large crowds has become a full-time profession among other services. 

As a kid growing up in Grambling, Louisiana, ATM worked with my grandfather cutting grass, building, and working in the garden. During this time of his life he learned about hard work and self employment. By the age of ten, he had drawn up his first business plan and began making money ironing clothes for the elders in his home. Finding a love for basketball and playing under the direction of Michael Lyons at Grambling High School further solidified his need for a motivated work environment. 
Blakcard ATM moved to Lake Charles, La in 2006. There he met his wife Santana Mitchell. Being self-employed was always a lifelong dream of the Grambling resident. Having the love for music and arts, photography and videography was an easy learn. As a husband and wife duo their company Faces of Fantasy Photography LLC., is among the premier companies for photography and videography. Faces of Fantasy Photography lives by the motto #smileforever, where their job is to capture the moments that will always make you smile. Once Faces of Fantasy was up and running and Blakcard ATM was still creating music and performing, but saw there wasn’t a local market for urban musicians to gain maximum exposure. 



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