Grambling’s gems lie notoriously in two things: football and it’s marching band represented by the Grambling State University itself.

But Grambling has hidden gems in the numerous graduates GSU has given birth to over the course of, well it’s existence. Those diamonds in the rough come from the coals pressurized by academic challenges and social development existent on the campus. Some coals become shining diamonds valued by an entire global society. Other pieces remain needing more time and high temperatures while others never come under pressure.

That is not the case with Kelvin Rodgers, an entrepreneur in his own right operating Rodger’s Law Firm, L.L.C. Kelvin is a 2005 GSU graduate majoring in Criminal Justice later attending Southern  University Law School achieving his masters in criminal law in 2009.  

However, that wasn’t the crowning achievement in his law journey: Kelvin attained a “one-hitter quitter” on the Louisiana Bar exam acing it on the first try that same year getting his masters! This swung the door open not just for his foot, but entire body to enter into his career.

Grambition hollas at Kelvin to recognize the come-up and inspire someone (specifically Grambling grads since this is Grambition) interested in a career in law, but do not know where to begin.   

What does your law firm specialize in?

We practice Criminal Law, Personal Injury, and Family Law.

And your practice began at where on the timeline?

In January 2016, I left the Caddo Parish District Attorney’s Office and started The Rodgers’ Law Firm.  I felt that it was time to serve my community and state in a different capacity.

Nice! That’s what’s up. Let’s be loud a bit with your humble beginnings. Where did you get your first start after passing the Louisiana Bar?

I began my legal career in November 2009 as a Law Clerk for the Honorable Judge Ramona Emanuel of the First Judicial District Court in Shreveport, Louisiana.  I clerked for Judge Emanuel for nine months before being hired as an Assistant District Attorney in Caddo Parish in August 2010.  As an Assistant District Attorney I prosecuted various types of crimes including murder, rape, molestation of juveniles, and armed robbery.

Why did you choose to attend GSU?

I began my studies at Grambling State University in August 2002 and graduated in December 2005.  I chose Grambling because my father and a plethora of other successful individuals that I knew were graduates of Grambling.  Also, my major was criminal justice and Grambling had a great criminal justice program.

What were the reasons for becoming a lawyer? Is that a “When I grow up” story? What led you to the decision for this profession?

I chose to become a lawyer for two reasons.  The first reason is because my grandmother told me that I could become a lawyer and that I would be good at it.  That was more than enough motivation for me because I always wanted to make her proud.   The second reason is after looking at the criminal justice system, I realized that the criminal justice system has flaws that needs to be fixed.  I was able to see that African Americans, especially men, are incarcerated at an alarmingly disproportionate rate.  Therefore, I chose to join in the fight to fix the system.

What is the immediate future looking like for your Law Firm?

Next on the horizon for The Rodgers’ Law Firm is expansion.  Currently I am only licensed to practice in Louisiana, however, I plan to be able to practice in Texas by the end of this year.

At Grambition, we want to commercialize local businesses, whatever we can do to serve people, even if it’s not here in the “G.” How can people look you up?

If you would like to contact The Rodgers’ Law Firm, I can be reached as follows:

Phone: (318) 245-2956

Fax: (318) 404-1598

Email: therodgerslawfirm@gmail.com

Mail: P.O. Box 1371

Shreveport, LA 71164

Any final remarks, expressions, thoughts you would like to leave our readers with?

One question that I’m always asked is, “When it comes to the Bayou Classic, which team do you cheer for since you went to Grambling and Southern?”  The answer is the same every time and without hesitation, “I cheer for Grambling. I received my law degree from Southern, but a law degree is worthless without a solid foundation. Grambling State University gave me the foundation needed to succeed.”


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