When you hear of Grambling, Louisiana, most of the time you think instantly about Grambling State, the band and football. Ideally that is what should come to mind because they bring joy to our community. But Grambling produces so much more outside of football and the band. Jophery Brown is a prime example.


Jophery Brown was born January 22, 1945 in Grambling, Louisiana. He attended Grambling High School and excelled at three sports. “Jap” as his friends refer to him went on to Grambling State University where he put up monstrous numbers for the baseball team at the time. Brown’s excellent career at Grambling got him a big time major league contract with the Chicago Cubs. Brown pitched in one career game September 21, 1968 with the Cubs. A torn rotator’s cup ended his career with the Chicago Cubs. After baseball, Brown took his talents to Hollywood, California and became one of the first African-American stunt men in Hollywood. 


Brown’s first few gigs as an actor were some uncredited roles in Arrest and Trial(19640 and I-Spy(1965). Referencing IMDb.com, Brown has 42 credits to his name. Check out the list below and you didn’t even know it.

2002 Spider-Man Chef (uncredited)
1997 The Relic Guard Frederick Ford
1995 Sudden Death Wootton (as Jophery Brown)
1993 Jailbait (Video) Paul (as Jophery Brown)
1993 Extreme Justice Vince
1993 Jurassic Park Worker in Raptor Pen (as Jophery Brown)
1993 Army of One Snoozing Cop (as Jophery Brown)
1993 Nowhere to Run Prisoner (as Jophery Brown)
1992 Universal Soldier Thug (as Jophery Brown)
1992 Stormy Weathers (TV Movie) Man with Cue
1992 Article 99 Admitting Guard
1992 Stop! Or My Mom Will Shoot Thug (as Jophery Brown)
1992 In the Heat of the Night (TV Series) Nathan
Fool for Love (1992) … Nathan (as Jophery Brown)
1991 Stone Cold Driver (uncredited)
1989 Cyborg Saloon Owner / Pirate / Bandit (as Jophery Brown)
1989 Kinjite: Forbidden Subjects Duke’s Thug (as Jophery Brown)
1988 Police Story: Gladiator School (TV Movie) Store Owner
1988 The Presidio Workman (as Jophery Brown)
1987 Crime Story (TV Series) Undetermined
Little Girl Lost (1987) … Undetermined (uncredited)
1987 Real Men Clown (uncredited)
1987 The Squeeze Poker Player
1986 The New Mike Hammer (TV Series) Carlson
Golden Lady (1986) … Carlson (as Jophery Brown)
1985 Moving Violations Baggage-van (uncredited)
1983 Sudden Impact Young Guy (as Jophery Brown)
1983 Matt Houston (TV Series) Kenneth
The Crying Clown (1983) … Kenneth (as Jophery Brown)1983 The A-Team (TV Series) Ted / Bartender
Recipe for Heavy Bread (1983) … Ted (as Jophrey Brown)
Diamonds ‘n Dust (1983) … Bartender (as Jophrey Brown)
1982 Rocky III Challenger (as Jophery Brown)
1980 The Hunter Train Passenger (uncredited)
1980 Stunts Unlimited (TV Movie) Roving Guard
1978 Foul Play Cop (as Jophery Brown)
1976 The Bingo Long Traveling All-Stars & Motor Kings
Emory ‘Champ’ Chambers, All-Star (3B) (as Jophery Brown)
1975 Let’s Do It Again Bootney Farnsworth’s Trainer (uncredited)
1974 Mixed Company Basketball Player (as Jophery Clifford Brown)
1974 Uptown Saturday Night Geechie Dan’s Henchman (uncredited)
1974 The Snoop Sisters (TV Series) Team Member
Fear Is a Free-Throw (1974) … Team Member (as Jophrey Brown)
1974 Willie Dynamite Thug / Bailiff (uncredited)
1973 Ironside (TV Series) Nightclub patron
The Last Payment (1973) … Nightclub patron (uncredited)
1973 Coffy Party Guest (uncredited)
1965 I Spy (TV Series) Reporter
So Long, Patrick Henry (1965) … Reporter (uncredited)
1964 Arrest and Trial (TV Series) Police Officer
The Black Flower (1964) … Police Officer (uncredited)


Brown’s career as the legendary stuntman he became began in 1973. Over 30+ plus years in the game, he is credited with stunts in over 400 films and television shows. Brown had his hand in some of the biggest movies that we have all seen at some point in time. Those movies included “Scarface”, “Speed”, “Along came a Spider”, and many, many more. In his long career, Jophery has doubled legends such as Morgan Freeman, James Earl Jones, Denzel Washington, Bill Cosby, and Sidney Poiter. Brown earned some great awards such as the Taurus Lifetime Achievement Award in 2004 for his legendary career as one of the best stunt men to ever do it. Again this list is referenced from IMDb.com but should be accurate enough. Go ahead be amazed at some of the success a Grambling Native was a part of.

2013 Oblivion (stunts – as Jophery Brown)
2009 The Maiden Heist (stunts)
2008 Wanted (stunt performer)
2007 The Bucket List (stunt player – as Jophery Brown)
2007 Feast of Love (stunt player – as Jophery Brown)

 Prison Break (TV Series) (stunt double – 1 episode, 2006) (stunts – 1 episode, 2006)

Unearthed (2006) … (stunt double – uncredited) / (stunts – uncredited)
2006 The Contract (stunt double: Carden – as Jophery Brown)
2006 10 Items or Less (stunts – as Jophery Brown)
2004 The Big Bounce (stunts – as Jophrey Brown)
2003 Looney Tunes: Back in Action (stunts – as Jophery Brown)
2003 Dreamcatcher (stunt double: Mr. Freeman – as Jophrey Brown)
2002 The Sum of All Fears (stunt double: Morgan Freeman – uncredited) / (stunts – as Jophery Brown)
2002 High Crimes (stunts – as Jophery Brown)
2002 Showtime (stunts)
2002 Collateral Damage (stunts)
2001 The One (stunt double: Mr. Lindo – as Jophery Brown)
2001 Along Came a Spider (stunt double: Morgan Freeman – uncredited) / (stunts – as Jophery Brown)
2000 The Adventures of Rocky & Bullwinkle (stunts – as Jophery Brown)
2000 Hot Boyz (Video) (stunts)
2000 Shadow Hours (stunt performer – as Jophery Brown)
2000 Next Friday (stunts – as Jophrey Brown)
1999 Hard Time: Hostage Hotel (TV Movie) (stunts – as Jophery Brown)
1999 Chill Factor (stunts – as Jophery Brown)
1999/ILife (stunts)
1998 I Still Know What You Did Last Summer (stunts – as Jophery Brown)
1998 Doctor Dolittle (stunts – as Jophery Brown)
1998 Black Dog (stunts – as Jophery Brown)
1998 Hard Rain (stunts – as Jophery Brown)
1997 Switchback (stunts – as Jophery Brown)
1997 Kiss the Girls (stunt double: Cross – as Jophery Brown)
1997 Good Burger (stunts – as Jophery Brown)
1997 Riot (TV Movie) (stunts – as Jophery Brown)
1997 Lost Highway (stunts – as Jophery Brown)
1997 The Relic (stunts)
1996 Ransom (stunts – as Jophery Brown)
1996 Pure Danger (Video) (stunts)
1996 Sometimes They Come Back… Again (Video) (stunt coordinator – as Jophery Brown)
1996 Spy Hard (stunts – as Jophery Brown)
1996 Heaven’s Prisoners (stunt double – as Jophery Brown)
1996 Broken Arrow (stunts)
1996 Eye for an Eye (stunts)
1995 In the Flesh (stunts – as Jophery Brown)
1995 Rumpelstiltskin (stunt player – as Jophery Brown)
1995 Money Train (stunts – as Jophery Brown)
1995 Get Shorty (stunts – as Jophery Brown)
1994 In the Army Now (stunts)
1994 Speed (stunts – as Jophery Brown)
1994 Pentathlon (stunts)
1994 Against the Wall (TV Movie) (stunts – as Jophery Brown)
1994 House Party 3 (stunt coordinator)
1993 Mr. Jones (stunts – as Jophery Brown)
1993 Hard Target (stunts – as Jophery Brown)
1993 Posse (utility stunts – as Jophery Brown)
1993 /IBoiling Point (stunts – as Jophery Clifford Brown)
1992 T Bone N Weasel (TV Movie) (stunts – as Jophery Brown)
1992 Article 99 (stunts)
1991 Hook (utility stunts)
1991 The Fisher King (stunts – as Jophrey Brown)
1991 Harley Davidson and the Marlboro Man (stunt player – as Jophery Clifford Brown)
1991 The Naked Gun 2½: The Smell of Fear (stunts – as Jophery Brown)
1991 Stone Cold (stunts – as Jophery Brown)
1990 Graffiti Bridge (stunt coordinator – as Jophery Brown) / (stunt double: Clinton’s Guard – as Jophery Brown)
1990 Marked for Death (stunts)
1990 The Adventures of Ford Fairlane (stunts – as Jophery Brown)
1990 The Last of the Finest (stunts – as Jophery Brown)
1990 Dark Angel (stunts – as Jophery Brown)
1990 Heart Condition (stunts – as Jophery Brown)
1989 Tango & Cash (stunts – as Jophery Brown)
1989 Lethal Weapon 2 (stunts – as Jophery Brown)
1989 Ghostbusters II (stunts – as Jophery Clifford Brown)
1989 Loverboy (stunts)
1989 Cyborg (stunts – as Jophery Brown)
1989 Hit List (stunts – as Jophery Brown)
1988 Miracle at Beekman’s Place (TV Movie) (stunt coordinator)
1988 Twins (stunts – as Jophery Clifford Brown)
1988 Caddyshack II (stunts – as Jophery Brown)
1988 Die Hard (stunts – as Jophery Brown)
1988 Little Nikita (stunts – as Jophery Brown)
1988 Alien from L.A. (stunt player – as Jophery Brown)
1988 Action Jackson (stunt coordinator – as Jophery Brown) / (stunts – as Jophery Brown)
1987 The Wild Pair (stunts)
1987 Real Men (stunt player – as Jophery Brown)
1987 Predator (stunts – as Jophery Brown)
1987 Lethal Weapon (stunts – as Jophery Brown)
1987 Over the Top (stunts – as Jophery Brown)
1986 The Big Easy (stunts – as Jophery Brown)
1986 The Hitcher (stunts: Sheriff #2 – as Jophery Brown)
1985 To Live and Die in L.A. (stunt player – as Jophery Brown)
1985 Commando (stunts – as Jophery Brown)
1985 Warning Sign (stunts – as Jophrey Brown)
1985 Moving Violations (stunt player – as Jophery Brown)
1984 The River (stunts)
1984 Splash (stunts – as Jophery Brown)
1984 Against All Odds (stunt driver – as Jophery Brown)
1983 Scarface (stunt coordinator – as Jophery Brown)
1983 The Star Chamber (stunts – as Jophery Brown)
1983 National Lampoon’s Vacation (stunts – as Jophery Brown)
1983 Stroker Ace (stunts – as Jophery Brown)
1983 Doctor Detroit (stunts – as Jophery Brown)
1983 The A-Team (TV Series) (stunts)
1982 Lookin’ to Get Out (stunt person – as Jophery Brown)
1982 /IFighting Back (stunts – as Jophery Brown)
1982 Annie (stunt double: Punjab – as Jophery Brown)
1982 The Sword and the Sorcerer (stunts – as Jophrey Brown)
1981 Nice Dreams (stunt driver – as Jophery Brown)
1980 Smokey and the Bandit II (stunts – as Jophery Brown)
1980 The Hunter (stunts – as Jophery Brown)
1980 The Blues Brothers (stunts)
1980 Serial (stunt biker)
1978 Hooper (stuntman – as Jophery Brown)
1978 Foul Play (stunts – uncredited)
1978 Convoy (stunts – as Jophery Brown)
1977 Smokey and the Bandit (stunts – uncredited)
1976 Bound for Glory (stunts – as Jophery Brown)
1976 Drum (stunts – uncredited)
1976 Swashbuckler (stunts)
1975 Let’s Do It Again (stunts – uncredited)
1974 Three the Hard Way (stunts – uncredited)
1974 Uptown Saturday Night (stunts – uncredited)
1973 Papillon (stunts – uncredited)
1973 Live and Let Die (stunts – uncredited)
1973 Coffy (stunts – uncredited)
1965 I Spy (TV Series) (stunts – uncredited)
Check out Brown in a clip from “The Relic”(1997)

As the Gatekeeper in the Opening Scene of “Jurassic Park”(1993)


Jophery Brown died January 11, 2014 in Newhall, California due to complications from some cancer treatment. He was 68 years old. Rest in Love from the Grambling family. You are Legend. You are #GRAMbition.

Jophery Brown is Grambling Legends Sports Hall of Fame

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