Grambition Conversations Episode 6- Shonnie Murrell


When you mention the “World Famed”, don’t forget to talk about former Master Drill Shonnie Murrell. Shonnie put in her time with Grambling and The World Famed Marching Band. She was a reality star on BET’s “Season of the Tiger” and she is being mentored by some of the biggest musicians in the game. She is one of the best drummers doing it and on top of that she can sang. Grambition was able to find out what Shonnie has been up to, her thoughts on “”Season of the Tiger”, her relationship with Sheila E, what’s next for her and more. Check out the conversation and show this Grambling Fam some love. #GRAMbition

Check out Shonnie Murrell in action in some videos below.

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