What it do? Grambition will have a featured audio player soon that features Grambition Radio which plays songs and other media from artists of the Grambling Culture. Until then enjoy these Gram Jams as they are selected and posted in various articles. 

Disclaimer: Some artists content may be a little vulgar for some of the readers and listeners. We are not here to limit anyone’s creative process, so if it is good we will play it. It does not reflect who we are or what we represent. We just like good music. 


1. DeeSmuve- Exit 81/Church Street

2. Magic One- It’s the Weekend

3. Luizana- Got Haters?

4. Blakcard ATM- WAYV

5. Jaymee ft. Juvenile- What’s Next

6. Cook-n-Ca$h- My Jam

7. Kat St. John ft. BeatKing- Birthday

8. Blythe Dennis- Many Are Called

9. Erykah Badu- Phone Down

10. E-40 & B-Legit ft. JT the 4th- Fo Sho

Hottest Gram Jam:

Earl Detrick- Collection Plate

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